Taking pictures of hummingbirds

Have you ever wanted to take photos of hummingbirds but didn’t know how? Taking pictures of hummingbirds can be extremely difficult and frustrating!  This article I read today gives tips and tricks for doing just that.


Steve Kaye is an exceptional photographer and writer who truly seems to care about sharing his knowledge with others.  In his article, he tells you what makes a good photo, why taking pics of hummers can be so hard, some basic steps to take a good photo and so much more!

Taking pictures of hummingbirdsThis is the best hummingbird photo I have ever been able to get.

I hope one day to be able to implement Steve Kaye’s techniques and get a shot as good as all of his!

Take the time to read his article and I hope you are able to find it as intriguing as I did!

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