Sunflower, Sunflower, Sunflower

Have you ever seen an entire field of sunflowers?

The effect is stunning!

Sunflowers have such personality!

I lived in Kansas for a short while. Not long after moving there I was out for a drive to see what I could see. (This was in the Flint Hills area so not typical flat Kansas you hear about!) I came over a hill outside a small town and “BAM!” There it was, an entire field of yellow and green.

Of course, what did I do? I found a place to stop and park. Then I proceeded to take an entire roll of film!

This photo can be found on gift items at the following link:

Sunflower on Zazzle                      Sunflower on Cafe Press

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4 Responses to Sunflower, Sunflower, Sunflower

  1. Nanc says:

    Love the field of sunflowers. What I am thrilled about is that you have a blog now – I follow many and one that I have for a long time is Ree Drummond and I see you do, too. I read her book first and now watch her cooking show. She is a all around terric person. Have fun with the blog! I will keep checking it out :-)!!! Nanc

  2. angelica says:

    I absolutely love the field of sunflowers. Makes you wish you were there to enjoy God’s beautiful artwork.

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