Kids Hiking (or Adventure) Backpack

I love hiking and I love sharing the experience with the young kids in my life. First it was taking my nephew. Then the children of some friends. Now it is the grandkids.

One of the best things to do when hiking with kids is to involve them in the prep work of putting a backpack together for the day. You don’t need to have them take very much (especially if they are really little) but just a few things makes them feel like they are a real “hiker” on an adventure.

The most recent backpack set ups I put together were for two of the grandkids last Christmas. I ordered most of the items that are usually wanted on a hike and picked a few up at a local dollar store. You really don’t need to spend much. I also made them each their own personalized checklists.

Here are a few of the things I bought for the grandkid’s adventure packs:

Now, personally, I use a backpack with a subdued color but I thought bright colors for the little people would be best. I was pleased to find kids sized ponchos too. And the adventure set is just perfect for little ones who might not be ready to pack around a $300 set of binoculars!

Have fun with creating your own Hiking/Adventure kit but don’t forget the basics. Water, snacks, kleenex and bandaids are a must! lol.

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