Camera screwed up

So, we went on vacation a month or so ago. Cool little place called Anthony’s Key Resort in Roatan. I still have my Pentax WG-2 that I got back in 2012. Waterproof to 40ft, shockproof, coldproof, etc. Well, hubby took it diving. Dive master said the dive was 30-40 ft deep. They ended up deeper.

After that the camera was fogging up. Both the front lens and the back lens. I was kinda bummed because it was the only camera (other than our phones) that we took on the trip. I stopped by the photo shop and talked about it with one of the guys and he told me a couple tricks to try. A blow dryer for 5 minutes! It worked but it still fogged up each time I took it snorkeling after that.

Anyway, long story short. A few of the pics that I took while it was foggy actually turned out not too bad!

I was hoping to get a new camera soon but it looks like Pentax doesn’t make the WG anymore, Ricoh does. Now to talk hubby into the new camera! lol

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